Medical Marijuana Patients Smoke The One Shot “Bong Adapter”

Medical Marijuana Patients Smoke The One Shot “Bong Adapter”

Watch actual Medical Marijuana Patients smoke the “Bong Adapter” by One Shot

The One Shot “Bong Adapter” smokes cool and efficient. Watch Medical Marijuana patients smoke and comment on their experience with the One Shot “Bong Adapter”

One Shot Medical Marijuana Products are available in a “Mini”, Large “Bazooka” and “Bong Adapter”.

Order yours today at or thru your local dealer

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Marijuana Patients Are Being Arrested in NJ

Marijuana Patients Are Being Arrested in NJ

Marijuana Patients Are Being Arrested in NJ

Legal, law-abiding medical marijuana patients are being arrested in NJ. It’s a scary, painful, & traumatic experience. My son and I witnessed it at Senator Booker’s rally for the Marijuana Justice Act. This is an issue affecting NJ families. We’re scared because the NJ state government has NOT properly educated our police force about the law.

I know NUMEROUS law-abiding patients who have been mistakenly-harassed, misinformed, or have had their LEGAL medication confiscated by police officers. This is NOT ok. The NJ Attorney General’s office has received NUMEROUS complaints about this persistent issue, yet patients continue to be arrested. We love most police officer–we just want them to be TAUGHT the law.

Guys–it’s been half a decade; the law was posted in 2012…come on now.

Learn more about the patient arrested at the rally:

Learn about CUMMA laws, the laws protecting NJ medical marijuana patients. Read the 44-page document here:


Medical Marijuana Patients Support Group- Colorado

Medical Marijuana Patients Support Group- Colorado – Join Dr. Michele Ross, MDherb founder Richard Haines, Charlo Greene and Uncle Stoner as they come together to educate, empower and embrace cannabis patients.

The goal of the Patient Support Group is to connect patients who share similar health conditions and experiences, sharing strategies and ideas to help deal with difficult situations, and providing encouragement during challenging and rewarding times, as well as discussing what is currently helping them find relief.

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