AG Sessions’ rollbacks policy that paved way for legal pot to dismay of some GOP

AG Sessions’ rollbacks policy that paved way for legal pot to dismay of some GOP

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) explains why Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to rescind the federal policy that paved the way for legalized marijuana contradicts what President Trump and Republicans stand for.
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States with legal marijuana laws are not happy after Attorney General Jeff Sessions rolled back an Obama-era policy on marijuana. Nushin Rashidian, the co-founder of Cannabis Wire and the co-author of “A New Leaf: The End of Cannabis Prohibition,” joins CBSN from Los Angeles to discuss the implications.
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A Patient Story Under “Legal Medical Cannabis” Laws

A Patient Story Under “Legal Medical Cannabis” Laws

A personal account of witnessing how life isn’t as easy for medical cannabis patients as the outside world might seem.

Regulating cannabis for all adults and those who need it medically will ensure that patients are not caught in the cross fire when the police are in their continued pursuit of healthy people that enjoy cannabis consumption also.

Let’s not box ourselves in by gifting a medical cannabis monopoly to the pharmaceutical industry when there are many examples of the highest standard of cannabis that have worked from the ground up.

Let’s not forget who we as patients have turned to to provide us medical cannabis over the last few decades? The recreational, personal and commercial growers.

There are potentially 10,000 to 20,000 jobs in the Uk cannabis industry yet to come if it is not monopolised and £12.5bn a year to the UK economy. Disallowing British people these opportunities to grow businesses from the ground up in favour of a New York style system would be detrimental to progress in the UK. Wider regulation is a policy that benefits the many, not just the few.

This week school budgets were being discussed, a quick glance at Colorado’s measure to regulate cannabis for all adults meant that there were $ Millions available to be pumped into schools, it was even designated to the school’s before the legalised it – why not have the UK makethe same deal. Is this not a policy that the British public, medical, consumer or not at all can get behind?

As we move forward we must retain the right to home grow, ensure social spaces are made part of the model so that people can be humans and interact – something that medical cannabis patients have described as essential for improving their health second to accessing good quality safe cannabis – socailising is good for health. Many of these disabled members will be able to fulfill jobs in these clubs which will not only benefit society but massively improve the confidence and mental health of patients that have been down trodden by a system of prohibition for quarter to half a century.


One love to BoroFarm,, Pig Farmer, Phil & Amanda, Riot, Adam, Ganja Jon, Kaliko, Karry and Radical Russ for the good times in Oregon ~Cure
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Chronic Medical Cannabis Use by U.S. Legal Patients, Part 1

Chronic Medical Cannabis Use by U.S. Legal Patients, Part 1

Even as the federal government calls for more research into medical marijuana, it has refused to study it’s own patients, who receive monthly shipments of Cannabis though the I.N.D.(Investigational New Drug Program). One patient, appearing at the 2002 Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics where this series was presented, had received 300 “joints” per month for 20 years.
Quantifiable and assayed for THC, the government-grown marijuana is low quality, but has suceeded in treating the conditions for which it was prescribed, with little apparent harmful effects.
Patients Out of Time, hosts of the conference, knew this opportunity for good science shouldn’t be missed, so it enlisted the help of doctors and researchers to perform physical and pyschological tests on four of the legal patients: Elvy Musikka; Irvin Rosenfeld; George McMahon and a MS patient.
Dr. Ethan Russo, co-ordinator of the study, first presents patient demographics; medical conditions; and dosage levels, then lists tests performed, including:
MRI scans; chest x-rays and pulminory function tests; neuro-pychological exams; endocrine and immune system tests.
The entire one hour presentation from which Part 1 is edited can be viewed at:
including the “Beck Depression Inventory”, which showed a remarkable lack of clinical depression in the legal marijuana patients(considering their serious medical conditions),as Dr. Russo challenges the “attitude among gov’t officials that euphoria is a bad thing”.
Three of the legal patients tell their personal stories at the Portland conference:
Introduced by Al Byrne and Mary Lynn Mathre, founders of Patients Out of Time. Please visit us at
DVDs of this and other conferences are available.

INSIDE a legal marijuana GROW OPERATION!

INSIDE a legal marijuana GROW OPERATION!

DOJA is a fully legal and licensed marijuana company in Kelowna, BC. Check them out here: Follow on IG:

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