How I Got My Cannabis Card

How I Got My Cannabis Card

“My back” lmao

Legal California patient. Telling you guys how I got my card and my first experiences with legal cannabis. Also I explain to you guys how medical cannabis has helped me!

Did my makeup a little differently today too!

Weed doesn’t motivate/inspire me to do my art, I do that on my own. But having weed makes it easier to transition from being a nervous wreck to my regular creative self.

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Pre-Trim Going Into Flower , How I Prune Cannabis

Pre-Trim Going Into Flower , How I Prune Cannabis

Just a quick update on how I trim my plants before the flower cycle has begun. Trimming my cannabis plants is one of the most important part to growing good cannabis medicine.This pre-flower Pruning is to send the plants energy up to the top of the flowers.
Pruning cannabis plants helps in increasing your yield
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Your Brain on Drugs: Marijuana

Your Brain on Drugs: Marijuana


This is what you look like, on the inside, when smoking cannabis. The effects of Marijuana on your brain, and how it defines your experience.

Written and created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).


Music by Mitchell Moffit

Art by Gregory and Mitchell

Some Sources—

3) Physiological Review (Journal), vol. 83, 2003
4) Memoirs of an Addicted Brain – by Marc Lewis

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Marijuana use for medicinal purposes is legal in 29 U.S. states, yet the UK government has said it has no plans to legalise the drug. Joining Good Morning Britain to give their opinion on the ongoing debate is Bobby George, former professional darts player, and Linda Robson, Loose Women panellist.

Broadcast on 13/11/2017

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How to Harvest, pre-Harvest, trim, and dry cannabis | best practices

How to Harvest, pre-Harvest, trim, and dry cannabis | best practices free help on how to grow the best highest yielding buds
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First off drying removes about 75% of the water weight found in the foliage
Before harvest it’s good if you do not water one or two days before. The soil should be fairly dry this will speed up the drying time by a day or more and will not affect the quality of the cannabis
If the smell is a problem
to help control it keep drying and the manicuring rooms well ventilated and allow plenty of fresh , circulating air to pass through the drying room quickly
will help with fragrance
keep temperatures below 70°F if possible
​ or use charcoal filters
​ona gel and or spray will also help a lot
Large outdoor plants can be harvested up to 4 times.
Temperature 60°F to 70°F (15.6°C to 21.1°C)
Humidity 45 to 55%
Drying on your minimal or no light
Handle buds as little as possible
Hang manicure buds until dry (to see the harvest is dry or nearly dry if the stem breaks when bent)
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