Stoney – How to make weed brownies!

Stoney – How to make weed brownies!

Here is a video with a quick and easy way to make weed brownies!
Creating the cannabis butter that is being used is very simple, you can find this on our channel!

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McHenry Cruiser eats a pot brownie and documents the experience.
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How to Make Cannabis Infused Cereal Treats – Cannabis Lifestyle TV

How to Make Cannabis Infused Cereal Treats – Cannabis Lifestyle TV

Learn how to make Cannabis Infused Cereal Treats with this easy to follow recipe! You can use your favorite cereal or go the traditional route with Rice Crispies, this recipe will work with whatever you’d like.

Keep in mind, we tend to make our medibles a little stronger than most would. You may want to make something a little less potent if you’re not a heavy Cannabis user.

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Get Baked with this potato in this exclusive episode of Baked: Cooking with Mary Jean. Featuring everyone’s favorite ingredient: cannabis.

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DISCLAIMER: Cannabis is a controlled substance in the U.S. and in other countries throughout the world. The use of cannabis (in smoking, edibles, etc) comes with heavy legal consequences. Do not try this at home.

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Your Brain On Edible Marijuana

Is eating pot actually better for you?
Why Do You Get The Munchies?:


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The science of edibles

3 Tips to Make Better Cannabutter: Marijuana Tips & Tricks

3 Tips to Make Better Cannabutter: Marijuana Tips & Tricks

Learn 3 easy Tips to Make Better Cannabutter today on Marijuana Tips and Tricks. Save $ $ $ with code RUFFHOUSE on the tCheck THC checker:

By using proper ratios of marijuana to butter oil, learning how to clarify butter and why as well as the use of an emulsifier you’ll be making high quality cannabutter every time.

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I am a licensed Medical MJ Producer providing educational material for medicinal use. How to make medicinal grade Canna-oil. For best results use Coconut Oil, the next choice would be olive oil but it could go rancid when heated. Avoid using vegetable oil. Decarboxylate your herb first for a higher THC content in the finished product.
For a more in-depth look at medicinal MJ, check out my ebook at kindle at…

Easy Marijuana Butter for Baking Edibles.

Easy Marijuana Butter for Baking Edibles.

Crock pot method. 2.5 Oz Marijuana in 2lbs Unsalted butter and 3 cups water. Simmer in crockpot on LOW for 6 hours. Subsequently, you can use 1 Oz marijuana in 1Lb of butter for a smaller batch. Strain through cheese cloth, Place in Fridge for 10 hrs. Remove water, cut into measured chunks for easy and accurate servings. Substitute the canna butter for real butter in ANY recipe or enjoy it on toast!
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Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil Cooking with Marijuana

Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil Cooking with Marijuana

Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil Cooking with Marijuana #105 Vegan Cannabutter

Learn a clean and proper method for making Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil in this episode of Cooking with Marijuana #105 Vegan Cannabutter

Learn to take marijuana leaves, shake, bud or kief and extract the thc into organic coconut oil to use in recipes for cooking, topical ointments, lotions, tinctures and many more uses in this Vegan alternative to cannabutter.

Thanks to the awesome guys at 3rd Street Caregivers who donated the Medical Grade Shake used in this video. Check out their profile on Weedmaps here:

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