Weed From Amazon.co.uk – The Smoke Test Part 2

Weed From Amazon.co.uk – The Smoke Test Part 2

Today we are taking a look at some CBD-rich cannabis buds, sold on Amazon, that are legal throughout the EU due to their THC content being less than 0.2% which defines them as Hemp under EU regulations. The CBD market is growing in the UK, and High CBD low THC flowers are the latest thing to gain popularity. This is an informational video about one such strain, Blue Dream Haze.

They’re sold in the EU as Cannabis Sativa L on Amazon.co.uk as well as on the Greeners Website:

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Buying Weed from Amazon – The Smoke Test Part 2


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18+older. We take a 360 degree look at my smoke room! From the closets to the shelves , what’s on the wall floor and more! Thank you to my wife for helping me get this room organized! We take a look at the WORLDWIDE WAKE & BAKE WALL, we go in the closets, we check out the art on the wall, accessories on the sleves, cases on the ground, and of course we look at some of the glass! Take a fat hit and enjoy the tour!


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Medical Marijuana Patients Smoke the One Shot “Bong Adapter”

Medical Marijuana Patients Smoke the One Shot “Bong Adapter”

Watch actual Medical Marijuana Patients smoke the “Bong Adapter” by One Shot

The One Shot “Bong Adapter” smokes cool and efficient. Watch Medical Marijuana patients smoke and comment on their experience with the One Shot “Bong Adapter”

One Shot Medical Marijuana Products are available in a “Mini”, Large “Bazooka” and “Bong Adapter”.

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Snoop Lion – Smoke the Weed Ft. Collie Buddz [Music Video]

Snoop Lion – Smoke the Weed Ft. Collie Buddz [Music Video]

Latest visual from Snoop Lion’s Grammy-nominated album, Reincarnated (http://smarturl.it/ReincarnatedDX) Featuring Collie Buddz & cameos from Sugafree, Curren$ y + more!

Directed by John Mazyck
Executive Producer – Ian Mallitz
Producer – Tefferi Mogus

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The THC in marijuana will show up in a urine tests up to 45 days after chronic use or less if the pot is only smoked occasionally. Consider getting something to flush the THC out of the system before a drug test with advice from a licensed mental health counselor in this free video on marijuana.

Growing Weed in My Closet – Final Harvest and Smoke Reports

Growing Weed in My Closet – Final Harvest and Smoke Reports

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These are some crazy fat buds… absolutely the fattest dankest colas I have ever laid eyes on!!! The grow is complete and the buds are dried… check out the video for harvest weights and smoke reports……!!!

Growing Marijuana Indoors – Closet Grow Operation – Growing Closets

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