Weed From Amazon.co.uk – The Smoke Test Part 2

Weed From Amazon.co.uk – The Smoke Test Part 2

Today we are taking a look at some CBD-rich cannabis buds, sold on Amazon, that are legal throughout the EU due to their THC content being less than 0.2% which defines them as Hemp under EU regulations. The CBD market is growing in the UK, and High CBD low THC flowers are the latest thing to gain popularity. This is an informational video about one such strain, Blue Dream Haze.

They’re sold in the EU as Cannabis Sativa L on Amazon.co.uk as well as on the Greeners Website:

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Buying Weed from Amazon – The Smoke Test Part 2


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Rolling Machine Roller 110mm Unboxing Review From AliExpress.Com

Rolling Machine Roller 110mm Unboxing Review From AliExpress.Com

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110MM Plastic Cigarette Rolling Machine Roller For 110MM Paper Handroller Rolling Tools Cigarette Maker smoking smokers

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How to Get the Best Flavor and Smell From Cannabis When Harvesting.

How to Get the Best Flavor and Smell From Cannabis When Harvesting.

Video #3. Hey YouTube this is the beginning of an outdoor medical cannabis growing tutorial using the moons cycle to achieve the greatest success possible. If you try my techniques and see success make sure to subscribe. More videos will be uploaded in the future showing progress of the grow from start to finish. Questions and comments are welcomed. I’m out!

Lil Dicky Explains Why He Stays Away From Marijuana Edibles

Lil Dicky Explains Why He Stays Away From Marijuana Edibles

* Parental Advisory: Explicit Content *

Cheltenham Township, PA rapper, Lil Dicky, sits down with DJ Smallz and shares a horror high story involving a marijuana edible.

What do you think about Dicky’s horror high story? Can you relate? Sound off by posting a comment below.

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