Ayahuasca: See How This Popular Drug Affects Jaguars in the Amazon | National Geographic

Ayahuasca: See How This Popular Drug Affects Jaguars in the Amazon | National Geographic

Deep in the Amazon rain forest, use of the ayahuasca plant is on the rise. It’s a hallucinogen that puts users in an altered state of mind, which some describe as ecstasy. Shamanic tradition holds that jaguar spirits fight off dark forces, and ayahuasca is used during a sacred ceremony to call upon these spirits. Now people from around the world travel to the remote villages to participate in this increasingly popular custom. On the fringes of these communities, there is a burgeoning black market for jaguar teeth, pelts, and paws that some participants believe will enhance their experience. Find out more about the proliferating shamanic ritual and the threat it poses to the beloved big cat.
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Ayahuasca: See How This Popular Drug Affects Jaguars in the Amazon | National Geographic

National Geographic
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Gratidão Pepe Soares e Equipe pelo belíssimo trabalho!
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The war against drugs has been a terrible disaster for everybody involved. Why? And can we do something differently?

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Why The War on Drugs Is a Huge Failure

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Mihaela Marinova  – Edin Sreshtu Drug (Official HD)

Mihaela Marinova – Edin Sreshtu Drug (Official HD)

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Мина много време.
Събуждах се сама, но мина много време –
завита през глава и мислейки за тебе.
Всичко се забравя, просто трябва време, време, време…

Вече знам, че всичко с теб било е изгубено отначало,
от самото начало.
Ти ми носиш само лош късмет като счупено огледало.
От самото начало.

Спомняш ли си първия ден?
Споделих ти нещо за мен –
не съм огън да ме гасиш.
Знам, някой ден ще ме оцениш.

Моето име,
всяка вечер ще бълнуваш моето име,
но на друг ще казвам вече „давай, докосни ме”.
Друг ще си направи татус с моето име.

Вече знам, че всичко с теб било е изгубено отначало,
от самото начало.
Ти ми носиш само лош късмет като счупено огледало.
От самото начало.

Спомняш ли си първия ден?
Споделих ти нещо за мен –
не съм огън да ме гасиш.
Знам, някой ден ще ме оцениш.

И стигнахме някак дотук.
Север превърна се в юг.
Един срещу друг /обърнахме се/.
Един срещу друг.

Там, откъдето се връщам, не бих пожелала
на никой да ходи.
В ръце съм държала любов,
но ти не беше готов.

Един срещу друг.
/Знам някой ден ще ме оцениш./
Един срещу друг.
Обърнахме се един срещу друг.

1970s Drug Prevention Educational Film

1970s Drug Prevention Educational Film

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Parents are worried that they might get into smoking, drinking and using street drugs. Drug education for kids in the home is the answer. Done in the right way, parents can educate their kids so that they will decide by themselves that they should not mess around. Drug prevention activities by the parents themselves are what is needed.

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How Gucci Mane Went From a Drug Addict Criminal.. To an Inspiration

How Gucci Mane Went From a Drug Addict Criminal.. To an Inspiration

How Gucci Mane went from a drug addict criminal, to an inspiration – there’s no success story like Gucci Mane’s. From being a drug addict who got in and out of jail over 10 times in less than a decade, to now being a married man who stays out of trouble. There was a lot of different reactions when Gucci Mane showed himself on social media looking like a different person when he got released in May 2016. Some people took it as far as saying ”Gucci Mane is a clone!”, which of course was completely uncalled for. Gucci Mane simply elevated his whole mindset. He caught himself making decisions that weren’t benefitting him or his loved ones, and he did what every sane person would do in a position like that – he decided to change. Despite the negative influence Gucci Mane might have had in the past when he was heavily on drugs and basically numb to life – he’s easily making it up for it now. Gucci Mane is on a good path, and he’s an inspiration for anyone out there who wants to turn their life upside down.

In this video I talk about how Gucci Mane went from being a drug addict criminal, to being an inspiration source for a lot of people.

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Imran Khan is Drug Dealer?? – Headlines 3 PM – 25 October 2017 – Express News

All latest happenings on Panama Case, Dawn Leaks, Maryam Nawaz, Imran Khan, Raheel Sharif, Nawaz Sharif, Qamar Javed Bajwaa, DG ISPR General Asif Ghafoor and best analysis of Mansoor Ali Khan, Javed Chaudhry and Gharidah Farooqi at one place!
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