What Happens When You Workout High?

What Happens When You Workout High?

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(Effects of Marijuana During Exercise) – Ever thought of what will happen in your body if you work out high on marijuana? Not that I condone working out high or anything, but the research on THC and exercise is quite interesting! Can working out high improve your gains? Make it worse?

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Airport Lounge – Disco Ultralounge by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
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Picturefit on YouTube! I share some of my health and fitness tips with you. Come check out our content! New fitness topics on a weekly basis. Want to learn about more health and fitness topics? Ask it in the comments! Learn all you need to know and what to do at the gym. Learn about aerobics, strength, hypertrophy, power, and endurance!

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$EDXC | m3Hub Legitimizes Patient Transactions for Medical Marijuana

$EDXC | m3Hub Legitimizes Patient Transactions for Medical Marijuana

In this episode of the CEOLIVE.TV Investor Profile Series we interview Todd Davis, the CEO of Endexx Corp. (EDXC), a provider of innovative hemp derived phyto-nutrients and nutritional products which trades under ticker EDXC.

ENDEXX Corp. (OTO: EDXC) is a provider of innovative medical marijuana management and technology solutions. It offers m3Hub, a platform that manages patient concentric data and incorporates
best patient privacy practices through verification, privacy, legal, and transparent controls, as well as legitimizes the entire transaction process on behalf of patients.

The company also provides Project Canopy, a platform that provides coworkers and customers a virtual environment to work together as if they were sitting together in the same room. In addition, it operates as an integrator of renewable energy services for governments, electric utilities, communities, schools, churches, data centers, agriculture, irrigation districts, mining, and other remote area operations requiring dependable power systems, which include producing and providing renewable energy power; providing renewable energy power systems; providing services, including consulting, design and engineering, procurement, installation, monitoring, and maintenance; and offering financing options through power purchase agreements, project finance, and lease programs.

The company has collaboration agreement with American Green, Inc. to develop the Access Control Identification and Verification Vending Platform.

Forward Looking Statements

This CEOLIVE.TV video interview contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Securities Litigation Reform Act. The statements reflect the Company’s current views with respect to future events that involve risks and uncertainties. Among others, these risks include failure to meet schedule or performance requirements of the Company’s contracts, the Company’s ability to raise sufficient development and working capital, the Company’s liquidity position, the Company’s ability to obtain new contracts, the emergence of competitors with greater financial resources, and the impact of competitive pricing. In the light of these uncertainties, the forward-looking events referred to in this release might not occur as planned or at all.


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Neither CEOLIVE.TV or any of its principals currently owns or plan to own within 72 hours of publication any shares of the stocks mentioned in this video. For a full disclaimer please visit, ceolive.tv/disclaimer.

CEOLIVE content and productions are based on data obtained from sources we believe to be reliable but are not guaranteed as to accuracy and are not purported to be complete. As such, the information should not be construed as advice designed to meet the particular investment needs of any investor. Any opinions expressed in CEOLIVE content and productions, or other investor relations materials and presentations are subject to change. Neither CEOLIVE nor any of its data or content providers shall be liable for any errors or delays in the content, or for any actions taken in reliance thereon. All data and information is provided for informational or entertainment purposes only. CEOLIVE is not a registered broker-dealer or a registered investment advisor.
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lil wayne- i feel like dying.
“i just boarded a plane with no pilot,and violets are blue..” lil wayne emo song. lil wayne marijuana, i love pot, weed, ganja.

Only once the drugs are done, that I feel like dying… I feel like dying
Only once the drugs are done, that I feel like dying… I feel like dying
Only once the drugs are done, that I feel like dying… I feel like dying
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Get lifted…
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I am sittin’ on the clouds, I got smoke comin’ from my seat
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Playin’ touch football, on marijuana street
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Get high, so high, that I… feel… like… flying
Down in a cigar, roll me up and smoke me ’cause…
(I feel like dying)

Only once the drugs are done, that I feel like dying… I feel like dying
Only once the drugs are done, that I feel like dying… I feel like dying
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Jumpin’ off of a mountain into a sea of Codeine
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Only once the drugs are done, that I feel like dying… I feel like dying
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Daisies are yellow, the flowers are dead
Wish I can give you this feeling… I feel like buying
And if my dealer don’t have no more, then…
(I feel like dying)

Only once the drugs are done, that I feel like dying… I feel like dying
Only once the drugs are done, that I feel like dying… I feel like dying
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Depopulation Battles: Regaining Control of Medicine and Public Health

Depopulation Battles: Regaining Control of Medicine and Public Health

Speech for the 5th International Congress on Primary Healthcare and Family Medicine (Madrid, Spain, 29-30 November, 2017)
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Oaksterdam University is pleased to offer a very unique program in response to demand, and geared for current business owners and managers of dispensaries, and cultivation and manufacturing companies, as well as investors providing private equity and resources, and professional and business service providers.

This program, which is part of the California Cannabis Business Expo to be held March 3rd to 5th in San Francisco, differs from the college’s existing offerings on campus, online or on-the-road seminars. It is designed to meet the specific needs of cannabis business decision-makers and will focus on cannabis law, legal business structures, introduction to horticulture, and a growing equipment lab. All program participants will also have access to the day’s expo activities and networking with like-minded people.

Facilitated by Oaksterdam University’s Executive Chancellor Dale Sky Jones, this program includes four classes taught by two renowned professionals in the cannabis industry: Jeff Jones, a long-time cannabis advocate and cultivation educator in Oakland, and Robert Raich, a leading medical cannabis attorney who has been involved in medical cannabis legal issues for decades all the way to the Supreme Court.

“As more people enter the cannabis industry, it is so important to understand how to mitigate their legal, social and political risk,” said Oaksterdam University’s Executive Chancellor Dale Sky Jones. “That is the focus of this program and it ties in nicely with everything the California Cannabis Business Expo has to offer. Plus, those earning Oaksterdam certification for this course will be able to take any future elective or advanced classes at OU, as well as enjoy networking during the rest of the Expo.”

Existing prerequisite courses for Oaksterdam University’s advanced business and horticulture classes require a student to enroll in either a two-day seminar or a semester to understand a range of topics from the history and politics of cannabis to its science and how to deal with law enforcement.

“While the college’s basic courses are comprehensive for anyone, the focus normally pertains to individuals, patients, and caregivers. Tailoring the information for the business professional is what makes this prerequisite course special,” said Jones.

Registration is open, and the program will be held at the San Francisco Hilton Union Square on March 5 from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm, includes lunch and full access to the exhibit hall, which features a special interview with Ed Rosenthal.

About Oaksterdam University: Since 2007, when Oaksterdam University became the first cannabis college in the United States, it has been the forerunner in providing the highest quality training to people interested in a career in the cannabis industry and the first institution to address the growing needs of the marijuana movement, from patients to regulators. Such a focus has established Oaksterdam University as the only cannabis college with a comprehensive curriculum in cannabis horticulture, business and medical applications available today. In addition to training individuals wanting to get into the cannabis industry, OU trains regulators including legislative staff, state agencies, and government officials as well as state evaluators overseeing medical marijuana license applications. Oaksterdam University’s scope into research and development has expanded through partnerships with the Oregon Health Research Institute as well as with the University of West Indies. Our faculty is comprised of over 150 professionals, academics and entrepreneurs, and OU alumni – over 25,000 from over 30 countries – are the most active in the world.

2018 Outlook for Marijuana Penny Stocks

2018 Outlook for Marijuana Penny Stocks

2018 Outlook for Cannabis and Pot Penny Stocks

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The share prices for marijuana penny stocks may be under some pressure in 2018. As investor appetites go from speculation to valuation, shareholders will be forced to look at the underlying business financials.

The vast majority of pot penny stocks are very small companies, with only a few employees, no revenues, and massive million dollar losses each quarter. This scenario often ends up with bankruptcies and declining share prices.

The real winners from the cannabis penny stock industry may include massive multi-billion dollar corporations, who are involved in such industries as alcohol, vitamins, pharmaceuticals, legal drugs, and energy drinks.

Most shareholders in pot penny stocks are less experienced investors, and have made their trade decision based on an article or some coverage they have seen in the media about the shifting social trends in relation to cannabis.

Some of the pot penny stocks may “survive” in terms of their business, but unfortunately the vast majority will fade away, or go bankrupt. This scenario has played out many times in the past, and it will again.

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Marijuana stocks and ETFs have been soaring despite regulatory uncertainty; here is what investors need to know (ACT, MJX)

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Concerns Over Lack of Cannabis Coverage

Concerns Over Lack of Cannabis Coverage

Originally published on May 31, 2017 by 680 NEWS https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH5U-fa5wNK2xNlIyBfMe4A

“The cost of switching from harmful opioids to medical marijuana has some pain sufferers paying a hefty price. CityNews reporter Faiza Amin has the story.”
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In this episode Investing in Cannabis has our first product launch. The co-founders of Plus Gum, Jake and Crunchy, come onto our show to launch their product with our host, Brandon. They discuss the creation of the gum, terpene stripping, and a host of other issues facing cannabis startups including raising money, scaling, and distribution.

Plus Gum is the perfect medical cannabis edible. It’s fast acting: you can feel the effect in as few as five minutes. It’s low calorie: fewer than 5 calories per piece. And it tastes great: we are able to completely remove the taste of marijuana while leaving the active ingredients intact.

Learn more about PlusGum: http://plusgum.com/

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Contact us with any questions, thoughts, ideas for our show here: investingincannabis@gmail.com